WARNING! This documentation is for an old, unsupported version of Sublime Text. Please check out the current docs.

Plugin Examples


The plugin below will do a simple rot13 encoding on the selected text.

After saving it to a file in Packages/User, you can run it via entering view.runCommand('rot13') in the console (accessible via Ctrl+~).

import sublime, sublimeplugin

class Rot13Command(sublimeplugin.TextCommand):
    def run(self, view, args):
        for region in view.sel():
            if not region.empty():
                # Get the selected text
                s = view.substr(region)
                # Transform it via rot13
                s = s.encode('rot13')
                # Replace the selection with transformed text
                view.replace(region, s)


This defines a simple command, "duplicate" that duplicates the current line. To run, add this line to Default.sublime-keymap:

<binding key="ctrl+alt+d" command="duplicate"/>

(or type view.runCommand('duplicate') in the console.)

import sublime, sublimeplugin

# Extends TextCommand so that run() receives a View to modify.
class DuplicateCommand(sublimeplugin.TextCommand):
    def run(self, view, args):
        # Walk through each region in the selection
        for region in view.sel():
            # Only interested in empty regions, otherwise they may span multiple
            # lines, which doesn't make sense for this command.
            if region.empty():
                # Expand the region to the full line it resides on, excluding the newline
                line = view.line(region)
                # Extract the string for the line, and add a newline
                lineContents = view.substr(line) + '\n'
                # Add the text at the beginning of the line
                view.insert(line.begin(), lineContents)


This prints all incoming events out to the console.

import sublime, sublimeplugin

class EventDump(sublimeplugin.Plugin):
    def onLoad(self, view):
        print view.fileName(), "just got loaded"

    def onPreSave(self, view):
        print view.fileName(), "is about to be saved"

    def onPostSave(self, view):
        print view.fileName(), "just got saved"
    def onNew(self, view):
        print "new file"

    def onModified(self, view):
        print view.fileName(), "modified"

    def onActivated(self, view):
        print view.fileName(), "is now the active view"

    def onClose(self, view):
        print view.fileName(), "is no more"

    def onClone(self, view):
        print view.fileName(), "just got cloned"

Idle Watcher

This calls the onIdle() method after the user hasn't made any changes to the buffer for 1 second.

class IdleWatcher(sublimeplugin.Plugin):
    pending = 0
    def handleTimeout(self, view):
        self.pending = self.pending - 1
        if self.pending == 0:
            # There are no more queued up calls to handleTimeout, so it must have
            # been 1000ms since the last modification

    def onModified(self, view):
        self.pending = self.pending + 1
        # Ask for handleTimeout to be called in 1000ms
        sublime.setTimeout(functools.partial(self.handleTimeout, view), 1000)

    def onIdle(self, view):
        print "No activity in the past 1000ms"