Changing the font

Select the menu item Preferences/User File Preferences, then add the line:

font consolas 10

and save the file. This will change the font 10pt Consolas. You can also add any of these suffixes:

  • :bold - select the bold version of the font
  • :italic - select the italic version of the font
  • :noantialias - disable anti-aliasing
  • :standardantialias - ignore the system wide ClearType setting, and only use standard anti-aliasing
  • :cleartypeantialias - ignore the system wide ClearType setting, and force the use of ClearType anti-aliasing

for example:

font courier new 10 :noantialias

will change the font to 10pt Courier New, with anti-aliasing disabled.

You can also edit many other options in the same way: have a look around Preferences/Default File Preferences to see what's available.

Graphical issues

Most graphical issues, such as the window appearing black, or flickering when opening menus, can be resolved by running in OpenGL mode. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Run with --opengl on the command line, OR
  2. Select the menu item Preferences/General Preferences, and add the line 'renderer opengl' to the end, then restart.

Can Sublime Text be run from a USB key?

Yes. Sublime Text may be installed to any location, however it will read and write your settings to %APPDATA%\Sublime Text. You can change this to use a directory on the USB key, by running Sublime Text with the --data flag, for example:

SublimeText.exe --data "E:\Sublime Text Data"

Is there a way to have Firefox automatically reload HTML files on save?

Take a look at http://xrefresh.binaryage.com/