News: September 2011

Sublime Text 2 Build 2126

September 28, 2011 by Jon Skinner

A new beta of Sublime Text 2, Build 2126, is available now. Some of the highlights:

Hot Exit enables Sublime Text to exit immediately without prompting, preserving your changes and unsaved files for the next time you run. This has always been available via the menu, but is now the default behavior when quitting. You can disable this via the hot_exit Global Setting.

The Side Bar has received a tune up: folders expand with a single click, and expand / collapse animations have been disabled. Headings are no longer indented, giving more space for your files, and the side bar will automatically hide when there's nothing to show. Finally, the Open Files section of the side bar is hidden by default, as most users prefer to use the tabs - you can change this in the View/Side Bar menu.

Code Folding has arrived in this beta. Support is there for folding indented blocks, but the underlying implementation supports character level folding, so any text can be folded by first selecting it and then using the fold command. You can see the available commands in the Edit/Code Folding menu. There's API support as well, with the new view.fold() and view.unfold() methods. There's still more functionality to come in the future from Code Folding, notably the ability to fold based on syntactic blocks in addition to indented blocks.

There have been other improvements in almost every area: matching tags are highlighted when editing HTML, Find in Files results are in color, source code word wrapping is smarter, Vintage Mode improvements and lots more. The full list of changes is on the Sublime Text 2 page.