Review Roundup

October 16, 2009 by Jon Skinner All Posts

If you're just starting to look into Sublime Text, and want to hear what others think, have a look at these recent reviews:

  • Review 1:
    "The first impression that Sublime Text gives is that it’s beautiful."
  • Review 2:
    "ingeniously wicked project management ... using it is like googling inside your project."
  • Review 3:
    "Sublime Text is a text editor for Windows intended to be used by programmers, developers, and in fact anybody who needs to work with text."

Update: Here are a few more reviews for perusal:

  • Review 4:
    " won’t find anything more Zen than this text editor."
  • Review 5:
    "Full screen mode in this application does full justification for the term used."