Sublime Text 2 Build 2139

November 2, 2011 by Jon Skinner All Posts

Sublime Text 2 Build 2139 is out! Some of the notable new features in this beta are:

Replace in files - The find in files panel now supports replacing in files. The panel has also been streamlined, with the In Files and In Locations fields combined into a single Where field, that accepts a comma separated list of paths to search, and wildcard patterns to include and exclude files.

Fold arrows - Supplementing the code folding support in the last beta, there are now buttons in the gutter to collapse text using the mouse. By default, the fold buttons will fade from view unless the mouse is over the gutter, however this is configurable using the fade_fold_buttons file setting. The fold buttons, and the space reserved for them in the gutter, can be removed with the fold_buttons file setting.

Side bar keyboard navigation - The side bar can now receive input focus, and be driven using the keyboard. Left click on an already selected row to give the side bar input focus, or press ctrl+0. Pressing enter or escape in the side bar will restore focus back to the file area.

Reindent - The reindent command can be used to recalculate indentation for a file, using the auto-indent rules. This can be triggered from the Edit/Line/Reindent menu item, or Reindent Lines in the Command Palette.

There's a lot more in this build than the above, see the full list and download it on the Sublime Text 2 page.