Sublime Text 2 Build 2165

January 12, 2012 by Jon Skinner All Posts

Sublime Text 2 Beta 2165 is out now, with the biggest set of improvements yet. Some of the highlights are:

New UI Theme - Headlining 2165 is the new UI theme, by Mike Rundle. This theme brings a sharper look to Sublime Text, and an overall better aesthetic. One of the unique elements of this theme is how it adapts to the color of the file you're editing, with the background color spilling into the tabs.

Speed - Sublime Text 2 has always been quick, and now it's both faster and leaner. Startup times especially are now faster, although keep in mind that the first time you start up after installing or upgrading, it'll take longer than normal as your packages are updated.

Auto Complete - Suggestions are now offered as you type, to complete the current word or insert snippets. Because this uses Sublime Text's fuzzy matching algorithm, you can type just a few key characters to quickly select the word you want to complete: No more typing wow_this_function_name_is_really_long(), wtf<enter> will get you want you want.

If you're feeling adventurous, you may want to enable the auto_complete_commit_on_tab file setting: This will make tab accept the current completion, and enter operate as normal. This removes the ambiguity between accepting the completion vs. entering a newline, and is highly reccomended if you've got the time to learn a new way to do things.

Auto complete isn't for everyone, and can be disabled with the auto_complete file setting. Details are in the Auto Complete documentation.

Menu Refinement - The menu has been updated to better expose helpful functionality, such as Goto Anything (Ctrl+P / Command+P), the various ways to switch between files (the Goto/Switch File menu), and Quick Find commands (in the Find menu).

More! Command+Shift+T / Ctrl+Shift+T will now reopen the last closed file, Vintage mode has receieved many improvments, the API has been expanded, and a whole lot of polish has been applied.

You can download 2165 from, I hope you enjoy it!